3D Design, Conception and Visualization

“Animations, Concepts, Visuals and Renders”

We offer a comprehensive 3D Design and Visualization Service to you, this is a relatively new technology that has come on leaps and bounds over the last 5 years making 3D models, animations and visuals available to all.

See how 3D design can help your business today!

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    3D Modelling

    We can produce a 3D model of your product or idea

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    3D Concepting/Visualization

    Got an idea lets us realise it in 3D

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    We can rig characters or produce animations

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    Matte and Set Extensions

    Full matte painting and set extensions

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    Film Shorts or Clip VFX work

    Do you require an VFX Artist! Contact us

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    Architechtural Design

    Need a plan produced for 3D? We do that!

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    Full 3D render service produce image at any size

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    FBX Run and Walk Cycles

    We can produce any of your game sequences

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    Game Asset Creation

    We can produce any game assets to your spech

“All 3D design and visualization work catered for, let us blow you away with out 3D visuals/concepts and animation sequences”
New to 3D, what is it?

“So how can 3D help my business and what is it?”
3D images are able to be viewed in different positions or view points. The word itself is misleading in the fact that you are still viewing a flat or 2D image, but 3D modelling means you can literally build any object and view it in any position in relative space. This has led to 3D being used in film and also composited into live footage, but it does not end there… It can be used for training, concept design and even be printed and then used as a pattern for molding. This is only a brief description of the term 3D but I think it get the message across.