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I Want to build a website myself – How do I build a website?

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Here is a quick blog for users who want to build a website, this as you can imagine is a big subject however we can break it down for you and try to explain the routes you might want to take, read on πŸ™‚

These are listed in order of ease to set up

1: OK so route one get a company such as mine to do it for you, taking the hassle out of doing anything but supplying the copy and images! Prices start from Β£500 Alright that’s the marketing stuff out of the way πŸ™‚
2: Choose a templating site such as Wix, this is a free service however the domain will not be yours! You can how ever upgrade and buy your own domain this is a low cost easy to implement system that could work for you visit http://www.wix.com/ but do remember you will be forced to stay with WIX as you cannot move there CMS system!
I have done an example this took about 10 mins to do I have never used this system before http://david9651.wix.com/dnewton-creative
3: Choose an open source CMS system – What do I mean CMS well it means you can add pages and menus easily via an admin section favourite CMS systems are WordPress, Joomla, Magenta (paid), Drupal just google these for a lot of info about them, they are relatively easy to install and you can buy templates, to have a style configured for you, you then just add your logo, images and text of course there is a bit of reading to do.
“I use open source CMS for my sites although they are heavily modified and streamlined for Web and SEO”
4: Buy a book and build from the ground up – I would not advise this as it will take you a long time to learn, we can also do this for you if you have a particular need for your own system.

If you need more information on any of the above get in touch I would be pleased to help.

We are just talking about the site to get good rankings and add extra functionality will require more development time on you behalf, if you get stuck give me a shout!

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