Do we need all these sales and managers having input on our designs?

Do we need all these sales and managers having input on our designs?

Should sales and Managers have a say?

A very debatable subject but one that I would like to get your views on, not just from creatives but sales and marketing as well

So why should sales (account handlers) managers (I am not talking about creative managers) have any say over design work, I have had this at lots of companies where a sales person with no creative design background has told me that it would be better this way or that, what right do they have?

I am sure this article will ring a few bells with designers, it is baffling to me that they can issue an opinion at all, ok so I know they deal direct with the client, but often they will take it on their shoulders to make design decisions, where has it all gone wrong?

At DNewton we do not take that approach yes sales and managers are there purely to get clients that where it ends, we as designers/creatives then take over and discuss the job and briefs, this is positive in that we don’t get a brief that is incorrect and also adds the benefits of us being able to offer technical and advice to our clients, and also know what’s possible and what’s not!

Any sales and managers  should be trained not in design (as it would take too long) but in what they are trying to raise awareness about, so company training to sales is the way forwards…

Would love to hear your stories or your ideas on this matter.