Marketing your Company

DNewton specializes in marketing solutions for all, from small/individual to large corporate companies
Our goal is to give you value for money and a quality service, with all the support you need to maximize your profits and enhance your company’s reputation.

We are based in Cornwall and South West London area, we provide online marketing as well as print, we will find the correct marketing plan for you and make it work with your budget we are flexible so whilst monitoring your sales and traffic we will also if we feel it is needed update or change the plan to maximize your sales and hits.

Key Marketing Services

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    Your Market

    Finding your market and target audience

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    Let us set up your short and long term marketing strategy

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    We will look how your company can streamline

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    SEO and Social Media

    Let us plan your approach to advertising and SEO marketing

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    Banners and Emails

    We can produce send and arrange everything

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    Social Media

    Brand and set up Social media

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    Marketing Training

    We can train you to manage your business

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    Planning for the future

    Our forward thinking places you in a better position

Feel free to have a chat with us or arrange a skype call to talk about your requirement, our aim is to give you great value for money and try to guarantee great results. We work with and for you considering you and your company a partnership our transparent policy ensures you feel confident every step of the way.

DNewton offers comprehensive marketing strategy solution to you – try us today you have nothing to lose!