Website Design Stages

Website design stages

We try to adhere to this work flow pattern

  • Stage 1: The briefing; finding out what you need and offering alternative ideas that could benefit you. We will then create the flat designs usually as an Images or slideshow. We will then discuss until a final form is shaped. An accurate Quotation will be sent based on our discussions.
  • Stage 1a: You are to supply all copy and images. If you would like us to write and source images, additional costs will be accrued (we will discuss all this in the initial meeting, so no stone is left unturned).
  • Stage 2: Website space is arranged or transferred to our servers and any emails and a holding page is set up – The base website is put into place.
  • Stage 3: We start to build the site and start initial testing across browsers (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome and Safari) and Devices (mobiles, tablet and desktops) at this stage you are issued with a test web address to see your site, you will be required to email any changes you wish to make to the site.
  • Stage 4: Site is finalised, SEO (Search Engine optimisation) will be set up, another test of the site will be performed and your final approved site goes live. I also do a back up of the site and database.

The steps above are an outline of the general flow we work to, however depending on package and requirements these might change.