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Get better search results with our SEO or Search Engine Optimisation area

Keeping your site ranking in the major search engines can be a difficult challenge, we ease your pain and time by quickly getting the results you need!

Contrary to popular beliefs lots of companies guarantee of a page 1 ranking is rubbish, yes they can achieve this maybe for a day or two but then you drop down the rankings, we try to keep you within a top 5 page ranking for good!, and if you take out a subscription with us we can maintain these results it also works out cheaper than adword campaigns which we can also monitor or set up for you.

We will achieve the highest results possible within your budget

This service can be paid for as a one off cost to get you going or a monthly payment scheme, call us to find out more.

Get great search engine results today! we can apply this service to your existing site or your new site.

Additional SEO Information

Costing Guide

Initial cost of set up depends on size of site but a standard 6 page site will cost approx £300, *We then advise paying £35 a month for a once a month check up on your site to keep your results as high as possible.

Advanced SEO Information

Welcome to the advanced SEO, as part of any of our website packages you do get your site optimized by default, however if you want better results over a larger key phrase selection then you will want to add on the SEO package.
Creating a website is only part of the picture analyzing and setting up the SEO can often take longer than the website build itself!, also we monitor and track your pages to find out how much traffic you are receiving before optimization and after, we also target pages that are not doing so well, we usually like to monitor for at least 3 months to get accurate traffic data, specially to new sites.

  • SEO
    Setting up advanced SEO key phrases and descriptions to achieve great search engine results for your site.
  • Set up and regular checking of Analytics*
    Google analytic give us lots of data as far as where people are coming into your site and out of the site and time on the site, we use these to fine tune your key phrases usually there are lots of changes within the first three months, each change should creep you up the rankings.
    * With our monthly payment scheme, cost of the adword campaign to be set by you and is additional to the service cost as this is an unknown variable.

Additional SEO services

  • Assessment and To Do List:
    We will send you a list of things you can do to help you achieve better results in search engines, these include targeting keywords and phrases and an in-depth paper on what you should look for and do to achieve maximum results.
  • Video and Social Media:
    We will make sure all your social media sites are working together and check for any problems, we also customise the look and feel to resemble your company.