Website Technical Information

Deeper look at our Website Technologies

The information contained in this page is meant for website developer or people with a more in-depth knowledge of web design

DNewton follows and stays up to date with all the latest web developments, we try to keep these data sheets up to date but there is sometimes a delay this content is current as of the 20/08/2015.

We choose to use an open source CMS systems

  • Our site are Built using PHP and are created using Open Source CMS.
  • We select the best CMS for you based on your requirements and budgets.
  • CMS systems we use Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento.
  • These systems make it very easy for us to produce training videos for you and as the admin side of things is always the same, it makes it comfortable for you even when we do upgrades to your site.
  • Simply put there are thousands of people and communities developing these systems, they are robust and upgraded regularly, they also have the benefited of many users creating Modules, Plug-ins and Widgets including us!

Servers Config

Brief description on more technical aspects of our Servers

  • We use Apache based Servers and our sites are back ended into SQL databases; any coding is done in PHP, although sometimes we use HTML, HTML5 and JavaScript if needed.
  • Generally we like to transfer domains over to our servers, its ok you still have full control of them, however it means we can guarantee all our functions will work across multiple system and devices.

Meeting the Standards

Brief description on more technical aspects of our services

  • All of our sites meet the W3C Standards
  • W3C Standards is a way of making sure Websites stick to a certain level or standard, lots do not!

More details
“W3C standards define an Open Web Platform for application development that has the unprecedented potential to enable developers to build rich interactive experiences, powered by vast data stores, that are available on any device. Although the boundaries of the platform continue to evolve, industry leaders speak nearly in unison about how HTML5 will be the cornerstone for this platform. But the full strength of the platform relies on many more technologies that W3C and its partners are creating, including CSS, SVG, WOFF, the Semantic Web stack, XML, and a variety of APIs.”
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SEO (Search engine optimization)

Brief description on more technical aspects of our services

  • All of our sites are optimized for the search engines as standard; additionally we offer an advanced package and can monitor and keep your site optimized for continued top results in all the major search engines.
  • Depending on package selections we ask for you to give us a search phrase you want to be found on, please note we may need to edit your page content to get better search results